Other Projects


I was the lead of the UI Framework & Windowing System Part in a project to develop a new operating system in the Unix environment. I took charge in building the client side of a new display server that replaced the old X.Org display server. I also utilized an open-source UI Framework to implement event propagation and GUI component management system. In addition, as a feature of the new OS, I also supported runtime compatibility with the Windows applications by reverse-engineering User32.dll. More details on the new OS will become available in May 2016.
My work at TmaxSoft fulfills the military service duty of South Korea.


Gyeonggi Province G-Startup Project

I participated in the Startup contest hosted by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government of South Korea in 2014. I pitched an O2O idea in which cheap passive-RFID tags are attached to the price tags at retail stores in order to monitor customer behavior at the granularity of individual products. Although I was invited to their incubator program with funding, I had to decline it after I found out that holding a secondary job was prohibited during the military service period.


Stanford CS248 3D Game Contest

My team of three members won the third place with project Mosquito in 2011. Other than the mesh loading framework and the mesh itself, everything was written from scratch. According to the comments from the panel, our team received high points on creativity and implementing the view transform of the flight simulator.